Inclusive Classroom Design with Technology

In this self-directed course, you will learn about intentionally designing an Inclusive Classroom to further education equity for all learners.  The thoughtful infusion of technology will be an essential part of this process. 

  • You will learn about and utilize the Principles of Universal Design for Learning to plan flexible lessons for the variety of learners in your classroom. 
  • You will practice using the SETT framework for Assistive Technology to identify and match individual learner needs to tools and features that ensure access, engagement, and develop expert learning.  
  • You will increase your technology knowledge by exploring your choice of a range of built-in accessibility features and flexible tools to support curriculum access. 
  • You will also increase your awareness of the range of Assistive Technology tools available to support all learners.  
  • You will be encouraged to reflect on your experiences, develop your plans for ongoing professional learning, and identify ways of sharing your new skills with peers.